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The objective associated with the name QUAD is the closest approach to the original sound—not as an end in itself, but that the enjoyment and appreciation of music may be unimpeded.

The QUAD 22 Control Unit presents further development towards this objective.  It incorporates refinements in design, greater flexibility of input and provides facilities for both mono and stereo reproduction.

The QUAD 22 Control Unit is designed to operate from Discs, Radio, Tape and Microphone, mono or stereo.  Its function is to select any input or service required; to match that input correctly: to amplify it; to apply such corrections as are desirable and to pass the resultant signals to the power amplifiers and hence to the loudspeakers. A separate pair of outputs are suitably derived to provide facilities for recording on tape any programme currently being reproduced, either mono or stereo.

The unit is designed to operate with two QUAD II power amplifiers and two loudspeakers. It may, however, be used with a single QUAD II power amplifier and single loudspeaker in which case of course the stereo facilities will become inoperative. (Quad)

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