Varied Attractive Styles of Conservatory

A nice Conservatory is nowadays used for outdoor and even indoor entertainment purposes. They can used as living rooms, play rooms, sun rooms etc. Thus, they serve different purposes.

Originally a conservatory would be used as a greenhouse, but gradually their usage expanded and now they are used and built for various purposes other than a nursery.

A group of conservatory designs

Different types of conservatory options are described below:


These type of conservatories are very renowned in the UK. It has a traditional look with four or five facets or bays. Those with three facets have a a bay in front with three main windows. While the conservatories with five facets have five main windows and give a round effect to the room. These are round in shape and have a pitched roof and are usually built in double storey homes. They can be further modified by having a link section which is in rectangular shape. They look similar to that of a traditional botanical greenhouse.


These type of conservatories have smooth lines and have a square corners. It consists of square shaped paned windows and can suit the different requirements of various types of houses. It has a roof with an apex design and the front is usually flat. They help to make most of a limited space because of their angular design.


These are those type of conservatory in which the idea is to use an extra room to the house. They are very large in size thus, homes having large spaces can embark on this idea of getting this type of conservatory built. They can be easily used as a dining area or a living room for big families and enable a family to have a good time with all the members of the family.

Gable Fronted:

they’re also square shaped and have huge roof windows. They have an elevated front and this design is the most suitable for old type of houses. They allow maximum transmission of light and make the usage of space efficiently.

Lean-to Conservatory:

As the name suggests this type of conservatory lean over the house and do not have large amount of expansion from the supporting wall. This e having budget constraints can choose this type of design.

Thus, people can choose from different types of conservatives considering some facts like the type of house you have, the age of the house, and also your requirement of the conservatory.

You also have to bear in mind the type of roof for the room. Poly-carbonate is cheap but can let your conservatory get too hot or cold – learn more from this article: Conservatory Roof Prices 2020

The purpose for which the conservatory is intended to be used also holds a significant say in the kind of conservatory you are likely to choose.

Conservatory Styles and Designs as Home Extensions