How to Counter Increasing Utility Prices

Leading energy companies are being forced into prices hikes on our energy as the environmental issues that exist are seriously affecting the availability of our natural resources.

This has led to increasingly higher utility bills for residents up and down the UK and as money is hard to come by during the double dip recession, saving money where we can is extremely important for everyone. Our utility bills can be a surprise and as the UK is yet to receive a good spell of weather (backed up by the floods that have hit the country) has meant that people are leaving their heaters on extra longer this year.

All homeowners are therefore looking for ways to reduce their utility bills

and if you are one of these who are looking to do exactly that then it may be a case of speculate to accumulate. In order to make your home more energy efficient and therefore spend less on your utility bills, you need to make some changes and this starts with your doors and windows.

It probably will not surprise anyone to hear the majority of heat is lost through the walls, windows and doors but what may surprise you is that there are plenty of things you can install to make sure the heat is kept in your home and your money in your pocket.

New double glazed windows and doors

white upvc double glazed windowsThe home improvement sector has benefited from the advances in technology and the introduction of composite doors and triple glazing windows have meant that homeowners have some great options available. The initial cost of having the right door and windows installed in your home may be daunting but you have to consider the savings that are available by having them installed.

It is estimated that homeowners would save somewhere in the region of £140 a year with these energy saving methods installed which when you multiply over the period of time you are going to spend in your home could potentially add up to thousands of pounds.

If you say that the average mortgage is taken over a 20 year period this means if you just moved into a home and had these types of doors or windows installed you would save an incredible £3400 over the period of your mortgage.

Just think what you could with that extra money. Maybe go on a fantastic family holiday, down payment on a new car, fund the children at university (albeit for a term or 2).

Lowering your Utility Costs With Double Glazing