How to Select and Maintain New UPVC Replacement Windows

With heating and air-conditioning costs on the rise, consumers are seeking to replace their old, drafty windows with energy efficient ones. Commercials tell consumers to “stop throwing money out the window.”

Will new UPVC replacement windows truly help lower energy costs or is it just advertising hype?

The hype is true; new windows will definitely reduce home energy costs. However, not only will homeowners see lower monthly energy bills, they will have a home that is quieter, brighter, more comfortable, and more attractive.

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It will take some time to recoup the cost of the windows, but for a reasonable investment, homeowners will have beautiful windows that require little or no maintenance and also help to substantially reduce energy costs. With a lower monthly energy bill, consumers keep more money in their pockets while also helping to decrease their environmental footprint.

Window frames can be made from steel, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, UPVC, or various composites; wood, fiberglass, and UPVC provide better insulation than frames made of metal. New UPVC replacement windows come with plenty of modern features that provide superior insulation.

Features such as inert-gas insulation, multiple glazing, Low-e (low emittance) coatings, warm edge spacers, and dual weather stripping help keep cold air trapped inside during the summer and warm air trapped inside during the winter.

It is important to look for Energy Star rated windows.

reversible uPVC windowsThe Energy Star program was first developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992 to help identify and promote products that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Products that carry the Energy Star symbol inform consumers that these products help save money while also protecting the environment.

Once the windows have been selected, it is vital to note that the windows will not provide the look or deliver the energy savings if they are not properly installed. Doing the proper research on contractors will help ensure the right installer for the job. Ask friends and neighbors, do an online search, gather testimonials or complaints, and check to see if the installer is registered with the local Better Business Bureau.

Taking some time to select a properly trained installer with a good reputation helps consumers make informed decisions. Making educated decisions ensure that the windows provide all the aesthetic and energy savings benefits possible.

Properly installed UPVC replacement windows require very little care or maintenance.

However, to keep them looking and working like new, there are a few important considerations. It is important to periodically clean both the glass and the frame. It is best to clean the windows with a mixture of mild dish soap and water.

Never use high-pressure hoses, petroleum-based cleaning products, razor blades, abrasive cleaning pads, or caustic chemicals. It is also recommended that all rollers and tracks be lubricated once a year. It can help to keep energy costs low by checking to ensure that the weather stripping seals upon closure.

Performing light cleaning and maintenance periodically will ensure a long life for new UPVC replacement windows.

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